Relaxation Plus - A San Diego Day Spa.
Relaxation Plus has ceased its operation as of Sept. 30th, 2009 due to the poor health condition of its owner. We like to thank you for your patronage over the past 8 years. If you want to continue with the same top quality services, please go to Slim and Detox Center in La Jolla, which is owned and operated by the former staff member of Relaxation Plus.

Body Treatments

Aroma Body Wrap

The Aroma Body Wrap is a deeply relaxing, aromatic heat treatment that rids your body of everyday toxins such as smoke, pollution and the effects of an unbalanced diet. A dry exfoliation is followed by a full body application of our warmed, customized massage oil blend. You are then enveloped in moist, heated linens and a cooling compress is placed on the forehead. The result is soft, hydrated skin and a complete sense of well being.

The Aroma Body Wrap is not recommended for pregnant women or people with high blood pressure.

Mineral Mud Wrap

Body TreatmentsThis mineral enriched purified Dead Sea Mud is recommended as a natural aid for regenerating and reenergizing the skin. It increases blood circulation and make your skin look and feel younger. It is also recommended as a pain reliever from pain and aches in joints and muscles. In addition, it reduces the effects of psoriasis, eczema, and other skin disorders.

The Dead Sea Mud has been recognized by millions of people as a single source of health for more than 2,000 years.

The Dead Sea Mineral Mud we are using is imported from Israel. It is comprised of layer upon layer of sedimentary clay formed over thousands of years. This mud (containing magnesium, potassium, calcium, bromides and sulfates as well as the trace elements of lithium, strontium, iodine, selenium, chromium and zinc) is beneficial in the cleansing and revitalizing of the skin. Dead Sea black mineral mud cleanses and purifies the skin, thus allowing it to better absorb moisture, leaving your whole body looking radiant and refreshed. Additionally Dead Sea black mineral mud's high concentration of trace and essential elements improves circulation, helps the immune system, reduces muscle tension and eases rheumatic pains.

Salt Scrub Exfoliation

Body TreatmentsOverexposure to either heat or cold can cause the skin on your body to become dry, scaly, flaky and itchy. Body scrubs remove the dead skin making room for new skin that is silky soft. Our skin is composed of multiple layers. The outer layer or dead zone has the debris of days gone by. Showers and baths clean away surface grime, but the dead zone remains as a rough, flaky layer.

This layer must be removed with an abrasive material usually a scrub, polish or glow. Indulge your body and let your senses come alive. Body scrubs are an excellent way to pamper yourself. Your skin will feel like you just were massaged from head to toe.

Our scrubs are designed to gently exfoliate dead skin cells, improve skin clarity and softness, and stimulate your glandular system.

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